Welcome to the PAC Library Room Reservation System. All library reservations must be done at least two days in advance. There are three areas of the library available for use. Each has unique offerings for ensuring that your library experience is a positive one. Once you have selected the area of the library you wish to use. You will be asked to fill out a brief registration form describing your visit. Library activities to include Class, Checkout, Computer use, or library workshopOnce you have submitted your request. It will be reviewed and you will receive an email confirming/or denying your visit. 

Areas of the Library available for Booking 

Library A (The main seating area) which seats up to 28 students.This area has access to a MAC Computer and Projector and Screen.

PAC LIBRARY COMPUTERS contains 27 MAC Computers and offers color printing. This area has access to a Projector and Screen. Please choose this option if you are using all of the computers for the entire period.

Library B (The secondary seating area) which seats up to 22-24 students. This area has access to a Smart Board Projector